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Discovery and Rediscoveries is the 2016 National Trust Heritage Festival theme. We invite you to dig up the past and re-explore your region. What findings will you unearth? Join the National Trust in this investigation. We want to promote your unique heritage through your local events.We want to learn something new about your past.

The Heritage Festival is a free listing & promotion of all Heritage related events across Australia between April & May. This includes cultural, built and natural heritage. A printed guide will be collated from the registered events.

Once you have created an event, it will go to the State festival coordinator for approval. You may edit your event by logging back in. When it is time for printing the festival guide, the State Festival coordinator will contact you for the final details and edits. Once the guide has gone to print you will only be able to change the web version.

To upload an event for the National Trust Heritage Festival 2016 create a username and password. Upload one event at a time, you may upload as many events as you desire but you need to upload them individually. In the My Events page you have access to edit your events. Thank you for being part of the festival.

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